New Wave of Drugs Poised to Shake up Glaucoma Treatment

New Wave of Drugs Poised to Shake up Glaucoma Treatment.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – For the first time in 20 years, patients suffering from the eye disease glaucoma may soon have new treatments as several young companies look to shake up the $5.6 billion global market

There is no cure for glaucoma, which damages the optic nerve and is expected to affect more than 4 million Americans by 2030, up from 2.7 million today. But treatments help patients manage the disease and may prevent the onset of blindness.

The new treatments promise to improve outcomes and reduce side-effects associated with current medicines, exploiting a long dearth of innovative new products for the disease. No new class of medicine has been introduced since Pfizer Inc’s Xalatan, known generically as latanoprost, in 1996.

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