Could your morning coffee be good for your eyes?

Could your morning coffee be good for your eyes?A new study out of Cornell University found that a product many people consume daily—coffee—may have a positive effect on eye health.”Caution has to be taken so that the public understands the negative as well as the positive implications of drinking coffee.”The research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that a main ingredient in raw coffee—chlorogenic acid, or CLA—may protect against deteriorating eyesight and possible blindness from retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging or diabetes.To conduct the study, researchers treated mice eyes with nitric oxide, which creates oxidative stress and free radicals, leading to retinal degeneration.However, mice eyes pretreated with CLA developed no retinal damage. Scientists involved with the study believe the next step is to determine if drinking coffee facilitates CLA crossing the blood-retinal barrier membrane. In addition, if future studies find CLA effective in preventing retinal damage, synthetic compounds could be developed and delivered with eye drops.

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